SEO UNconvention

Search Engine Optimization has been around for quite some time. However, not everyone can successfully utilize it to see the real benefits associated. SEO essentially means search engine opt19568d14-bd12-4f91-856c-da8b66a56912imization. This year, the first ever SEO UNconvention will be sponsored by the Blackhat world and hosted by Erika Napoletano. The SEO UNconvention will feature uniquely new information and insights into the world of search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization referrers to techniques and ways that are used in order to increase a website’s visibility on the Internet through search engines unpaid results. Some webpages or websites appear on the front page of a search engine’s search results, not through optimization but through paid for advertising. However, there are people or organizations that have come to discover the secret behind improving their visibility without paying a dime to any search engine.

At the SEO UNconvention you will have a chance to meet these people. You can learn a lot from their insights and see your website ranking grow dramatically without paying anyone to place your page on the first page. What are some of the ways that you can improve your websites visibility online without paying? Some of the techniqueae7d92bb-a05b-4e5e-a1fb-06048cac26d9s include indexing. The search engines require manual submission of links to the webpages. This involves use of crawlers that find links of the page. Another way is by preventing crawling. This will prevent undesirable webpages from being found by search engines. Another major method of search engine optimization is by making the website more prominent on the Internet. One of the methods of increasing prominence is by cross linking of webpages. This increases the number of links to a webpage and makes it more visible. Another technique is that of including content that has frequently searched keywords. This will increase the number of visitors (traffic) to your website and improve its visibility. You should also try to add more keywords that are frequently searched to the websites metadata.

There are black hat techniques and white hat techniques when it comes to SEO. The SEO UNcovention will probably feature both. White hat techniques are more of the conventional methods, while black hat are le61789e43-1db9-439e-abf0-98acb77065ecss conventional. There is also another category that is called the grey hat. Grey hat SEO techniques boarders between white and black hat. At the SEO UNconvention you have a chance to learn how SEO as a marketing tool can help your organization improve on profits through successful referrals and redirects to your webpage. Internet marketing allows you to cut on advertising expenditures. If you attend the SEO UNconvention, you are sure to learn the art of search engine optimization and do away with paying for your website’s visibility. Come to Las Vegas for the SEO UNconvention and hear ungagged information. The kind of information and insights you will never get to hear anywhere else apart from the SEO UNcovention dubbed UNgagged. Confirm you attendance at and put yourself and your business on the forefront in terms of the possibilities in the world of Internet marketing.


What Is B2B Marketing? The New Way To Capture Your Target Audience

Have you ever come across the question that reads, what is B2B marketing? Do you have any idea on the inquisition that reads, what is B2B marketing? In case you do not have any idea on the topicMarketing chart with red marker, don’t worry, be happy. This is because you have landed on the right page that will explain in details all about business-to-business marketing for real. Without much deliberation, it is simply a technique that most firms are presently adopting to capture their target audience easily. It comprises of web communication, email, media campaign and other useful strategies to capture prospective clients quickly. If you are looking for a reliable method of captivating your target audience and making them become active customers, B2B is the solution. You will never lack active clients on your business when using the business-to-business marketing techniques. 

B2B Marketing Basic Concept:


The basic concept of business-to-business can be related to the consumer marketing idea. There is just one thing that keeps B2B above other marketing strategies. This is because B2B remain unique and different. Normally, in an ordinary market structure, clients often take their decisions through certain factors. This can be found in the likes of price, status, popularity and other touching factors. However, B2B marketing buyers will only take decisions through price value and profit. Can you see why B2B remain unique and different? On social media platforms, speculating on innovative ways to apply B2B marketing remain highly difficult. This is because several businesses may decide to buy from firms who remain tracked on social media platforms. For this reason, big companies are looking for strategies to continue using social media services to their own advantage. 

Capture Your Target Audience With B2B Marketing Techniques Easily:

Do you know that business-to-business marketing techniques can help capture your target audience easily? There are several techniques that you can use and depend on today for effective results. Being active on social media platforms is a great technique to captivate the attention of your prospective clients. Provided you are able to interact positively with your clients on social media platforms, there is every possibility to discover quick results. Today, it is excruciating that so many firms do not know the value of creating effective and prolonged webinars. Give it a try in your B2B marketing plan. You are sure to get quick and quality results. Another sure method that can clear off the feet of your clients is sending email newsletter. When sending email newsletter, you have to establish your company as an expert in the industry. You are sure to discover top-notch results that glow with pride. 


Eligibility Of The B2B Marketing Techniques:

B2B is basically meant to build or create useful and effective customer relationships for a long time. If you have a business that is targeting on this goal, then the eligibility of being B2B is confirmed. There should not be much argument on this notion again. If your business has the notion to keep clients for a long-term basis, then running B2B marketing will never be a problem. 


The ultimate avenue for the internet marketing enthusiasts-UnGagged 2014

For the past couple of decades, the internet has been the driving force for major commercial innovations. A company that has online presence is sure to grow by leaps and bounds due to the growing reach of the internet. The youngsters have understood this change of guard from the industry and started towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing. The potential is huge and anybody who comes with zeal to this field only needs the right guidance to succeed and unrestricted SEO insight. 

SEO UNconvention6825f4c8-7eff-463c-9957-eb716cb10139

UnGagged 2014-Unique Content Unrestricted Insight is the perfect platform for the novices to get unadulterated and seamless knowledge about the field of internet marketing. The event is ought to provide the elusive information in the field of online marketing which can lead you to unlimited profit in the business. This is happening for the first time and is surely a golden opportunity for even the experienced campaigners to get uncontrolled insight into the business by none other than the masters. This is one of a kind SEO get together in which there won’t be any rules as to what is said and how much one can learn.

The event is organized by the BlackHat World who are committed to giving you more of the bare essentials to create a mark in the internet marketing world. This event to be conducted in Las Vegas is the culmination of efforts from the BHW team to get together the very best thinkers in the world to deliver an uncontrolled and motivating speech for the enthusiasts to learn. Their ultimate aim is to pass on a better platform for the thriving people to understand the underlying essentials that can help to grow your business.

UnGagged 201417306e40-d123-487a-a1da-1821e2f9353c

Starting from 15th and till 17th November the prominent guest speakers will provide much useful vision of the ever expanding SEO arena. There will be no rules restricting anyone to stay back and avoid speaking about any topic, so you can expect to hear lot many things that were yet unknown. The host for the program is going to be Erika Napoletano who is committed to assisting others to bring up the next big thing in the business. There probably couldn’t have been anyone better than her to host the inaugural SEO convention. 

People who are still skeptical should once get to see the roster of the visiting speakers for the event. From the President of Unmarketing Scott Stratten (Forbes top 5 media influencers of the world) to Jeremy Schoemaker (serial entrepreneur, runs and several others are participating to impart their knowledge on internet marketing. The list also includes Brad Gosse, Damian Trevatt aka 3163cf46-bf34-462a-b665-aaffd747515bDiamond Damien of BHW, Justin Gilchrist of, Lane Becker, Matthew Woodward, Thomas Smale, Ilan Nass, Jacob Hagberg, and Brian Vance among many such stalwarts of the industry. None of them requires any specific introduction as they have created their niche in the market already.

Now is your time to take the business to another level altogether by visiting UnGagged 2014. There is a plethora of valuable content waiting for you in the form of unrestricted SEO insight. This SEO unconvention is sure to be epic and change the life for many upcoming entrepreneurs in the industry.




Are you an internet marketer who maximizes on the use of search Engine optimization? Have you attended many conferences seeking to understand how some prominent internet marketers succeeded yet you never came across such information due to the restriction of such conferences? Worry the least now since unGagged has organized the first SEO UNconvention in the world. 


What’s unique with SEO UNconvention?

Unlike many other conferences, SEO UNconvention will be unrestricted. This follows that all the speakers present will express themselves without fear that their utterances may be recorded and used against them. No information will be censored thus the conference will offer unrestricted SEO insight. In this conference they are only interested to hear what a speaker would not dare say in any other forum

The convention allows you to interact with a pool of experienced experts who are deemed to be provocative, fearless and business minded. The organizers of the conference have done enough analysis to bring speakers with expertise in different areas to benefit all those in attendance.

 db1dc49f-1c86-430c-a48c-53a36e588d84Despite the fact that those in attendance will enjoy unrestricted SEO insight from a panel of experts, the charges are very affordable. You might consider attending as a group the charges are much lower as accommodation charges will be waived by the organizers of the conference.

Such a conference allows innovation of new ideas as each speaker has a different strategy to marketing online. When debated upon, there is likelihood that new methods of doing online marketing will emerge thus such conferences are crucial to advancement of marketing strategies.

In addition to a conference, there will be an exhibition. This allows marketer s to exhibit what they do. This gives them a rare chance to practically learn from others. Different strategies displayed in the exhibition can be blended by creative internet marketers to give a unique strategy which will place such a marketer way ahead of others.

Why increased use of SEO?Internet Marketing

The use of internet has grown tremendously. This has led to a decrease in the use of traditional marketing strategies such as radio broadcasting and print media and an increase in internet marketing. To make a breakthrough in internet marketing, you must learn how to create traffic to your website or a blog. The use of SEO is commonly used to draw traffic hence its usage has increased. 

What are the benefits of online marketing?

  • Wider coverage. The internet is spread all over the world; therefore, while marketing online you are likely to sell your product to a larger market.
  • It’s less costly. Most telecommunication gadgets are internet enabled thus any information can be shared through social media platforms such as twitter and facebook which are less expensive compared to print media and radio broadcasting.

It is evident that most organizations prefer to market their products, whether they have reputable products or they are new products, online in pursuit of bigger markets. However, internet marketing is not generic thus a lot of training is prerequisite to successful marketing. This kind of training will be offered at IM conference scheduled to happen on 15th to 17th November 2014 at Caesars Palace.

Want to get unrestricted SEO insight? Don’t miss out!


Why SEO Conventions Are Worth Your Time

Conventions and conferences play a significant role in internet marketing especially when it comes to search engine optimization. Compared to other types of marketing, SEO is a small industry hence networking and conventions are essential. Attending an SEO convention is an excellent way to get in front of industry peers and potential clients to share what you have to offer and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships. These conventif48ec244-1618-4b64-acc1-0d5b9c0927econs are also crucial for staying on top of new trends, strategies, and tips to boost organic search engines. The bottom line is that attending a good SEO convention can give you an edge on your competition. 

Why many find it a challenge to attend

Unfortunately, many online marketers and SEO experts confess they have never been to a single SEO conference or convention. The main reason most of these professionals shun such events is because they think they stand to lose more than they can gain. Most of these conventions or conferences do not come cheap. Depending on the convention, and whether you sign up for additional training or workshops, you can spend anything between a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. 

Unless the convention is happening a block away from your home, you also have to factor in travel and lodging expenses. There is also the time factor. If it is two-day convention, it really means you have to set aside 5 days for travel preparations and the actual travel time. It is crazy when you add the time and money of sending just one person let alone an entire team. 

Who should attend?bad957df-2a0e-4b95-b61e-ffa1cd1d4a85

There are a healthy number of SEO experts who attend these conventions but even non-SEOs are welcome to take part. The question most first-timers ask is if it is really worth it. Answering that question means recognizing your objectives and determining whether the convention will meet those needs or not, and evaluating whether meeting those objectives is greater than the cost of the convention. Of course, your objectives will vary depending on who you are. For instance, you might be looking to stay up on your skills and see what everyone else is doing, or you might simply be looking to network with potential employees and clients. Whatever your objectives are, chances are that the benefits of attending an all-inclusive SEO convention far outweigh the cost. 

Choosing the right conventionfd07764f-ab99-4c28-a5f9-196216e002b3

If you are to benefit fully from an SEO convention, you have to pick the right type to attend. Sometimes that simply means picking the days you will attend at a conference. For instance, if you are an experienced search engine optimizer, it will be a waste of time and money to seat through sessions geared towards those new to SEO. If your main goal is networking, then attending a smaller SEO convention is more beneficial because you will be able to chat with individuals who would otherwise be inaccessible in big conferences held in big cities. Some conventions focus on one specific aspect of SEO such as conversion. 


The Importance of Unique SEO Content

Unique SEO content is essential because it plays a significant role in the world of internet marketing. You need to ensure your content is of high quality, unique, and optimized for SEO. Content is available in many different forms, such as blogs, videos, social media, and articles.

The Basics

Types of Contentc281f0b0-261d-4ffd-8d54-96cbfc700ef4

Ranking on Google and other search engines require three different types of content that includes relevance, quality, and uniqueness. Unique content needs to be concise and to the point. Facts and points that are not relevant are known as fluff and should be avoided. Content needs to have authority to show knowledge, skills, ad experience.

Keyword Research

One essential factor of SEO is keyword research. Quality content must contain relevant keywords to the content topic. You need to conduct research to find the keywords that people are searching for the most. The popular keywords are placed within the content so search engines can index the content and help generate traffic to the website. Keyword research is one basic of unique SEO content.

Why Is Unique SEO Content Essential?

  1. Search Engine Purposes

Search engines are looking for quality when they crawl your page. Having high-quality content on your page is one way to show search engines you are better than your competition which in turn, will rank your company higher on search engines. This is the primary reason content needs to be unique and relevant.

  1. Providing what Your Audience Wants

Give your audience what they want. If you have content geared towards babies, pick a few popular keywords in this category and make sure the content delivers what the title states. If your title is “10 Baby Supplies Every Mom Needs,” make sure the content delivers a list of ten baby supplies every mother should have.

  1. Defeat Your Competition

Your competition is competition for a reason. They are doing better than you or just as well as you are. The primary focus with your competition is to learn from them and get ahead. Getting ahead of your competition is not about state-of-the-art tools and gadgets. As far as internet marketing is concerned, getting ahead of your competition requires a strategy and awesome content.

  1. Generating Trafficff8c0879-e895-4aec-8c41-ef035ca2c487

You create a website because you want to showcase the services or products you offer. In order to be successful, you need to generate traffic to your site. A few different ways you can generate traffic is advertising via search engines. The ad needs to be optimized for SEO for a few different keywords that pertain to the products and services you offer.

  1. Expanding Your Business

Creating and maintaining a business requires hard work and dedication. You need to develop your business and thrive to generate more income and potential customers. Unique SEO content will help you expand your business by spreading the word via internet about the services and products you offer. Billions of people use the internet on a daily basis. To attract internet users to your website, two things you need are professional photos and content that is beneficial to the reader.

Here are a few aspects you need to acknowledging when you are considering unique SEO content. These tips and guidelines will help your business grow and generate traffic to your website. 



Marketing forms one of the strongest pillars for success of an organization. Different organizations adopt different strategies to market their products in pursuit of revenue. Traditional marketing strategies incddc51668-1203-42fe-85f9-a3edf583dfb8lude television advertising and radio broadcasting. However, with evolution of technology new strategies have emerged. Internet marketing is one such strategy whose popularity is on the rise. It involves usage of technological platforms such as websites and blogs to market products. It is important to identify the fact that for you to succeed in internet marketing learning how to create traffic is inevitable. Highly trafficked websites earns a lot of revenues as it implies it has a wider coverage.

Different techniques are used to draw traffic to your website which includes the use of social media to popularize or writing many SEO articles to back link to your website. These strategies risk being outdated if you don’t keep up with the pace of technological advancement. Internet marketing thrives in a very dynamic environment thus a need to be updated to exist. Since no single individual who monopolizes knowledge then there is need to create platforms where different individuals can share ideas

SEO Conference organized and sponsored by BlackHat World creates such a platform. It is scheduled to happen on 15th to 17th November 2014 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. November is the epitome of summer in Vegas thus allows all those who will attend to enjoy themselves by visiting various tourist destinations. This conference is unique in that it will be the first of its kind. There will be no recording of the discussions. This allows all the speakers to authoritatively speak that which they have never done in any other platform.

It is a SEO Conference with a difference. It has attracted experienced experts in the field of internet marketing who are ready to offer unrestricted SEO insights that will mentor the young professionals. All those in attendance will secure accommodation at lower prices due to agreements between the hotel owners and organizers. There will be discounted tickets being sold at $599 down from $995. This conference encourages many to attend and benefit from uncensored insights and as such those attending as a group will have their accommodation fee waived. Another special feature of this conference is few special offers for individuals. Those who will earn these offers will have their accommodation fees scrapped.

This conference will have two programs – main stage program and exhibition program. The two will run simultaneously which gives those in attendance an exclusive opportunity to interact and blend ideas. The exhibition will allow internet marketers to show their techniques and they can practically learn from others. At the end of each session in the main stage program, there is a networking session which allows one on one f81c8ffb-4d92-47ba-ac7a-68bd097985f0interaction and bonding

This will be the first SEO conference to be held without restrictions. All the speakers invited have confirmed attendance and willingness to mentor all those who will be in attendance. If you specialize in internet marketing, then this is a rare opportunity to meet experts at a very affordable price. Don’t miss out!